at my daughter's wedding!Cancer as a Catalyst

Have you or someone you love had cancer?  So have I.  In fact I have dealt with this diagnosis since 2000 with two recurrences,  chemo, radiation and some pretty big surgeries.  My colorectal cancer has taught me that the Big C is a huge change agent.  It really makes you look at life, your life, in a whole new way.

What is important?  What is not important?  What do I need to change--right away?! 

I now think that cancer has made me thrive and I think it can have the same effect on you.  Often, when the surgery is over and the weekly radiation or chemo is over, family and friends breathe a sigh of relief.  You made it through.  But that is when the hard work of living with the diagnosis really begins.  Which little twinges in your body are nothing and which are important?  How do you get back to normal, what is normal? 

To learn how to harvest the important lessons from a cancer diagnosis for your essential self;

to see how to live easily with this event in your life;

to understand how to THRIVE not just survive after a cancer diagnosis,

invest in this 8 week program or tell a loved one about it.

 I get it, I have been there, it is a powerful journey full of meaning which can take you to your beautiful, essential self.  I would love to be your companion on this journey.


8 weekly individual sessions                 $1000

If paid 1 month in advance-- $925