About Lana

I was a Nebraska girl who in my teens moved to California with my family.  Going to Stanford University in the sixties created plenty of opportunities for idealism and led me to law school to "change the system." I hated law school after one year and ended up applying to medical school--you cannot fool mother nature's system!  I met and married David at Yale Med and we headed back out west to do our residency and open a Family Practice in Flagstaff AZ.

Fifteen years later, I became Director of Women's Health at Canyon Ranch where I focused on women's medicine but started doing sexuality counseling as well.  After ten years it was on to Miraval Health Resort and an exclusive focus on Sexuality and Intimacy for the next 6 years.  There were books to write--How to Have Magnificent Sex and Your Long Erotic Weekend--speeches to present around the country, and many, many 4 day seminars to give to all the couples taking David's and my intimacy courses after Oprah put us on her show!

Woven in amongst all of this excitement was the very sobering diagnosis of colon cancer in 2000 with two recurrences accompanied by chemo, radiation and more surgery than I want to remember!  Thankfully, that is in the past but it is, as Martha Beck puts it, black belt training for life coaching!

I tried retirement for about eight months and I do like golf but it was all a bit too boring, so the life coach training of Martha Beck called out to me and I am as happy as a singing lark, or a sun-drenched lizard or hopping bunny--whatever metaphor works! 

Being a healer/helper has always been my gig and coaching feels completely natural.  The new tools are exciting to offer and use and I will look forward to engaging your issues and dreams with all my experience and enthusiasm.

That is enough about me.  What is going on with you?